Siblings {April} 2014


Considering I have loads of nice pictures of the boys that have been taken over the last couple of weeks, this seems like an odd choice. But I decided to use this as our April siblings photo because I feel that it sums up the adventures we’ve had recently. Sure {Read more!}

Easter egg garland made with cotton pads


This is probably the easiest (and funnest! Is that a word?!) way to make an Easter garland. We actually used cotton pads and food colouring to dye easter eggs last week and I couldn’t bare to throw away the used cotton pads afterwards! Here is how you can make it {Read more!}

10 amazing mud kitchens for outdoor play


Mud kitchens (also known as outdoor kitchens or mud pie kitchens) are one of the best resources for little ones to play outside. We’ve been dreaming of building a fabulous mud kitchen for ages but the boys have had to make do with an old plastic toy kitchen we found {Read more!}

Me & Mine {March} 2014


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Not so Silent Sunday 30/03/2014


This week I’m breaking my usual Silent Sunday tradition of posting a photo with no words. This is because I feel I need an explanation of why I’m posting a yucky picture of myself. You see this picture tells a lot of stories behind it… maybe just to me, that {Read more!}

Free play with sand and water


Free, or unstructured, play is a fabulous thing. The boys spend periods of time every day where they do completely their own thing, with no adult participation unless we are asked to join in. Over winter it’s been hard as we’ve been indoors so much. Sure they can still have {Read more!}

Can you name 10 things you LOVE about yourself?


Have you ever tried thinking of things you actually love about yourself? Not thing’s that you think are ok, or adequate… or even just like. But truly love and cherish? This is the hardest post I’ve written on the blog so far, which is funny because I thought it would {Read more!}

Smiggle – cute kids stationary giveaway

smiggle giveaway

Today I’m exciting to be sharing this fab giveaway of gorgeous kids stationary – in partnership with SerenityYou. Smiggle are an Australian based company selling kids school and stationary products. But the good new for everyone in the UK is that they opened their first shop in the UK on {Read more!}